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Caucasian Ovcharka's Imports & Litters


As our German Shepherds, we put our heart out into our dogs to produce only the best. We go the extra mile to ensure everything in our planned breedings is as perfect as can be. We breed to produce the a fearless confident and guarding Caucasian out of working showlines. We will never compromise if a breeding dog has a fault or health problem in breeding.

When planning a breeding, we put a lot of work into getting the right match for each female. Just because a stud dog will be right for one female, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be right for another. This is where we come in to match up the right dogs together by looking at the dogs themselves and linage. We breed to improve the breed to what it should be according to FCI breed standard and our envision on what a perfect CO should be like. 


Our litters are raised in our home. We do this to better socialize the puppies to different noises, smells and sights. We take them out to handle them daily so they get used to human interaction at a young age. 0-8 weeks is such a important age to socialize and makes a world of difference to when you will bring them home with you. They tend to be much more outgoing and don't take as long to adapt to their new surroundings when they've been exposed to a lot here at Grandma's.

Here at Von Lousar, we go the extra mile to socialize and put our puppies in different situations.

They are even socialized with cat, horses and children!

Depending on your experience with this breed and other dogs will determine on what puppy you will get. I do like to guide my clients to what puppy is best suitable for them out of a litter. If you are set on one color solely, and do not care about the personality ( already experienced with the breed ), I do not mind selling you the puppy of the specific coloring of your choice. 


Puppies come with: 

   1st set of Vaccines

   Vet Checked

   Health Guarantee 

   Puppy Package 




We can arrange for your puppy to be shipped internationally. Full payment is required prior to shipment of pup. Shipping cost and delivery to airport are not included in the price of your puppy.
We require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit for a puppy out of one of our litters or half of the payment of the puppy on puppies imported from Europe.
Pricing for puppies varies between litters and depends on what fee's were incurred at time of breeding. Our puppies range anywhere from 3,000.00 to 4,000.00 (&HST) CAD.

Import puppy pricing depends on freight charges into Canada and our dollar value. 


We sell to APPROVED homes only. This is a very serious breed of dog and we will only sell to people who have experience with dogs and who have property. 

Contact us if your interested in purchasing one of our quality puppies. 

Pending approval, deposits can be paid via Email Money Transfer to, Pay Pal (% applies), Cheque, or Cash.


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