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Black Washed Wall

Happy Girl


Here is our HAPPY GIRL. Vashti is extremely happy all the time and just a chill girl in whatever situation you put her in. She is a highly adaptable girl and easy to love. Vashti loves everyone and her tail doesn't stop often.

Vashti has a gorgeous black and red coat. Excellent pigmentation with a a very black saddle. Her head is SUPER beautiful and has the softest expression.  What can i say, she has it all!!! :-D 

Bred by us, she is a daughter from our beloved Cherry Von Alstrax (who has now been retired from our breeding program) and Wegas Bemeki. 

Her puppies are simply the best as well. She is one VERY great producer and has produce excellent representatives of the breed. I am very happy that she was turned out so lovely and produces so well in her puppies. 

Her pedigree also consist of world Champions bloodlines. Here are some of the famous dogs in her pedigree : VA1 IPO3 BSZS WILLY VOM KUCKUCKSLAND, VA Remo vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3, IPO3, VA4 (I) V2 BSZS IPO3 Wallaby vom Kapellenberg

Health Testing for Vashti: OFA HD Fair ED Norma - DM B 

Meet The Parents: 

Sire: R BOB CH SRB Wegas Bemiki

Dam: SG Cherry Von Alstrax

wegas stack
cherry von alstrax
Cherry Von Alstrax
Cherry head
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