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Nitra Vom Funken Spiel

Nitra & Hadassah
Nitra & Hadassah Kiss
Nitra & Hadassah 2
Nitra Head
Nitra Sit
Nitra Von Funken Spiel
Nitra & Baby
Nitra down
nitra stack

Sweet Sweet Girl

Serbian Bred

Nitra was imported as a adult from Serbia. She has a pedigree that we have bred and played around with for years. This is one of the big reason's we imported her. We knew what we were getting and knew that she would be wonderful to have live here. 

She has adapted extremely well to our home and is so good with our daughter. The pictures of her and my daughter we're taken a few weeks after she arrived to our home. It really does show how great of a temperament she has! 


Nitra has a very good protection instinct. She will alert us of anything that is near. She's super attentive to her surroundings. Although Nitra is protective she is still the sweetest thing you will meet. She loves to cuddle with her humans and is a total mush! Nitra has a lower drive.

She has a wonderful pedigree consisting of many world champions as: VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag, VA3 Esko vom Dänischen Hof, VA8 Neptun von Bad-Boll.

Serbian Flag.png

Health Clearances for Nitra: HD B ED 0-0


Garo move (Sire)
Garo platz (Sire)
Garo sitz2 (Sire)
Garo Stack (Sire)
Garo (Sire)
Garo work (Sire)
Garo (Sire)
Mandragola sitz (Dam)
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