Located in Matheson, Ontario ( Timmins, Ontario ) Canada

Updated last: Nov 12th, 2019
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Rosee Od Petkovica

Sweet Sweet Rosee

      Serbian Import 

100% European Lines

Introducing another one of our imports, Rosee.


Rosee has to be one of the sweetest dogs. She loves everyone and is so great with any sort of animals of all sizes. A very gentle and easy going female. Rosee is far from being stubborn and is very willing to please. We absolutely love this girl. There's nothing not to love about her. Sweet as they come and very easy going. 

Structurally Rosee is a very elegant female. She can sure move and cover a lot of distance with little effort. She's very balanced from front to rear. Rosee has exactly what we want in a breeding female and to produce better dogs for the German Shepherd breed. 

Rosee is sired out of World Champion VA7 IPO3 Djambo vom Fichtenschlag and other world champions like : VA5 Shicco Von Der Freiheit Westerholt, VA1 Pakros D'Ulmental, VA Illiano Vom Fichtenschlag, VA Remo Fitchtenschlag.

Meet the Parents

Sire: VA7 IPO3 Djambo vom Fichtenschlag

Dam: Shery od Petkovica