Quanti Vom Ruamberg AKA Chaniel

Chaniel Stacked

A little more about our Tom Girl

German Import

Chaniel is our biggest Tom Boy! She loves to roll around in the dirt and digging her face right into the mud. She's quite the character and always makes us laugh.

She has a very large head for a female with beautiful dark red pigmentation. Chaniel is more of your 'cobby' type body. Extremely agile and can run like the wind.

Chaniel is also extremely smart. One of my smartest dogs out of the pack. She catches on to everything so quickly and not like any dog would it's nearly human like. She's great at figuring things out and analyzes everything I do and then tries it for herself. These qualities including her structure and endurance makes her a great working dog. Although Chaniel has so much endurance & brains, she's one of my most laid back dogs. She has a very calm & cool temperament. 

Chaniel has SUPER protection drive. She's always watching and alerts us of anything near our property. Ready to defend her owner but she is still EXTREMELY social. Once she knows the stranger is ok, if you allow her to jump up on your lap she would.
Chaniel is sired by the famous VA3 Paer Hasenborn and also has a outstanding pedigree consisting of World Champions - VA2 Quenn vom Löher Weg VA3 Gonzalez von Tronje.

Health Clerances for Chaniel: SV HD/ED a Normal 

Meet The Parents

Sire: VA 3 SchH3 Paer Hasenborn  

Dam: V SchH1 IrrIrissi vom Raumberg

VA3 SCHH3 Paer Hasenborn
VA3 SCHH 3 Paer Hasenborn
VA3 SCHH 3 Paer Hasenborn
V Irissi vom Raumberg

Located in Matheson, Ontario ( Timmins, Ontario ) Canada

Updated last: November 28 2020
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