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Euria Von Panoniansee X Ursus Von Panoniansee

Beau - Euria x Ursus male _1 year.jpg

We’ve had our shepherd for 6 years now! Sarah has been extremely friendly and welcoming! She matches the dog to the family! Our Beau is a « gentle giant » at 110lbs he is the sweetest boy out there! Great temperament and great health!! He does awesome with people of all sizes! That being said, we also believe, if the need would come up, he would protect his family to his last breath! Either for show, work, or companionship Sarah has the shepherd you need! We highly recommend Sarah! Our future shepherds will definitely come from Von-Lousar Shepherds!

Rachel Deschatlet - South Porcupine, Ontario

Haley & her buddy Shammie

Euria Von Panoniansee X Ursus Panoniansee Daughter


Awesome experience.Sarah is so knowledgeable with her dogs . We bought our Haley from her and we love her.Not a mean bone in her body. So protective of her place and her family.Her health has been A1 .I would not hesitate to buy another shepherd from Sarah at all.Love her and love her dogs!!!

Carol & Tim Patriquin - Timmins, Ontario


Goldy Boghaus X Zorra La Mirage daughter

Michaela puppy2.jpg

Getting a puppy from Von Lousar Shepherds was such a positive and life changing experience. We approached Sarah-Lynn having seen her website first. At that time we had contacted many breeders as part of our research. She replied immediately with a warm and caring attitude, where so many of the others were just interested in the money and not in our needs. We knew right away that she was the person we wanted to work with because she cared to take the time to get to know us.

Along the journey to getting a puppy we had some changes in terms of which litter we would get a puppy from. She wanted us to have the right companion, not just any dog. Finally, a puppy became available from the spectacular Zorro la Mirage X Goldie Boghaus breeding in 2016. It was “orange girl” and she sent us pictures which melted our hearts.

Michaela has turned out to be everything we wanted and needed in a German Shepherd. She is smart, sweet, gorgeous, and so funny! She is great with people and kids, loves to go camping and swimming, and she is a huge happy part of our lives and heart. We can’t imagine life without her and wherever we go people admire her and tell us how beautiful she is.

Sarah-Lynn is the best breeder. We would only recommend her and we would only ever get another puppy from her. Not only did she help us through the waiting period, she has been there for the life of our dog and she now almost 3! She is kind, knowledgeable, and professional. A talented and passionate breeder that works to enhance the health, beauty, and temperament of her German Shepherd lines.

Von Lousar Shepherds are the best decision we made and we are so grateful for Sarah-Lynn.

Aidan Ware - Walton, Ontario

Major & his tiny buddy thor

Euria Von Panoniansee X Jonah Gisko Von Donna Garten


This is Major he will be 5years old soon. He is my best friend, companion and side kick pretty much. He has a older brother Thor who can be pretty bossy at times but they love each other tremendously. I can never thank Sara enough for giving my Major he is such a gentle soul. Thank you Sarah!

Doris Heins - Brookville, Ontario


Euria Von Panoniansee X Hugo Jonny Aus Famke's Zauberwald


Approximately 4 and a half years ago, I was blessed with this beauty as a present from my father.
Rumour is the queen bee of our household and i wouldn't want it any other way.
She is a remarkable girl. Drive, stamina, disposition, all of it encompassed in this girl.
Love her to the moon and back.
Sarah has always been an invaluable help to us if we were ever worried about something. Hard to find breeders like that.
She is always ready to offer help in any way she can.
I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone asking to purchase a German Shepherd.

Stephanie Brownell & George Westcott - Porcupine, Ontario

Karma & lucy

Faith Von Lousar Daughters

Lucy & Karma.jpg

Our first dog from Sarah-lynn was a service dog, who completely changed my life for the better. Sarah-lynn worked with us to get exactly what we needed for temperament and personality, and we felt she was a once-in-a-lifetime dog... when an opportunity came along to get a younger sister, we jumped on it, and we could not have been happier. Both dogs are stable, friendly, and incredibly intelligent. They have enriched our lives in so many ways, and we are so grateful.

Bonnie & Troy Harnish - St. Johns NB


Abba Von Alstrax X Brutus Von Fanino


I am so proud to have a GSD from Von LOUSAR SHEPHERDS. Best dogs ever.Sarah is such a caring person and knowledgeable breader.She also is there for you after sale for advice. Highly recommend.

Steve Giroux - New LIskeard, Ontario


Call me samson von lousar

Micah Von Lousar X Jonah Gisko Von Donna Garten 


I got my first GSD, Samson from Sarah-Lynn and Von Lousar Shepherds in July 2016. I couldn’t be happier with this dog...he’s everything I wanted and so much more! I did a lot of research before settling on a GSD Breeder. I talked to a lot of people and asked a lot of questions. My main priority in a GSD was a stable family-pet temperament with an off-switch that was also healthy and athletic enough to do some dog sports. I chose Sarah-Lynn because her dogs have the most stable temperaments you could ask for in a GSD. Very little phases Samson, which I love! He’s been a loving addition to our family and he’s also earned himself some nice sporting titles in his short three years of life (3 tracking titles, 1 obedience title, 3 rally obedience titles, on his was to earning his first herding title, 1 title away from his scent detection champion title and he has 4 CKC conformation points). Von Lousar Shepherds produces some very versatile dogs! Sarah-Lynn’s puppies come well socialized and she frequently sends along litter/puppy updates so you can watch your future family member grow during the first 8 weeks of life. I look forward to my next GSD coming from Von Lousar as well. I highly recommend Sarah-Lynn and Von Lousar Shepherds if you’re looking to add an awesome German Shepherd Dog to your family!

Tanya Smith - St. Johns, NB


Extra Feetback X Figo Von Arminius 2000


Great place to deal with. The quality of the dogs is A+++ We’ve have had Kane for 7 years. Not a single problem. Highly recommended Breeder. Thanks again Sarah for all the wonderful memories we have with your Kennel.

Denis Lacasse - New Liskeard, Ontario


Chaniel Quanti Vom Raumberg X Hugo Jonny Aus Famke's Zauberwald


The Canadian Kennel Club states that a well-bred German Shepherd Dog is stable, sensible, intelligent, quick to learn, loyal and protective and that is precisely the temperament of our Von Lousar Shepherd, Hazen.

As a prospective family of one of her puppies, Sarah asked us what characteristics we felt would best fit our family. She then advised us which puppy would be the best match for us, and she was spot on! Hazen is in fact the perfect dog for us. We can not imagine our family without her. Whether we are hiking, canoeing, or simply relaxing watching a movie she is there by our side.

The love and care provided by Sarah to her dogs from day one is evident in the high quality of dogs Von Louar produces. We would absolutely recommend this breeder to anyone looking to add a dog to their family.

Maxine Label-Gagne - North Bay, Ontario

Easy On the eyes von lousar aka lola


Extra Feetback X Figo Von Arminius 2000

We purchased a female German Shepherd puppy from von lousar from a litter born in March of 2012. Lola turned seven years old this past March and has been a delight from day one. We have had German Shepherds for at least 30 years but Lola is the smartest we have ever had. In fact, we believe she is more intelligent than a lot of people!


Lola has been bred three times now and has produced 13 gorgeous puppies, all of which are in wonderful, loving homes and are doing fantastic. Lola was retired from breeding and spayed when she was six years old and is enjoying her retirement playing ball, chewing her Nylabone toys and most of all going for rides in the van.


We highly recommend von lousar German Shepherds and feel confident in doing so. Sarah is a caring and concerned breeder who has her dogs best interest at heart. We would not hesitate to purchase another dog from von lousar.

Linda and Ron Butler, Sr.

Niskayuna, NY, USA

Easton Von Lousar

Extra Feetback X Figo Von Arminius 2000


Pamela Coffey - St Johns NL

Sarah was absolutely wonderful when we inquired about getting a dog of hers. She even took my call during Christmas, sorry Sarah! Easton turned out to be the most amazing dog I could have dreamed of. He was apart of our family before our two children were born and he became such a loving and gentle protector with them. He is intelligent, patient, and extremely loving with his family. I can’t tell you how many times my husband has said to me “my, that dog loves you so much!” Sarah has been a wonderful support as well, any questions I have she’s always there to offer advice. I cannot recommend Sarah enough, she’s the best.


Kirbi Feetback X Brutus Von Fanino


When we started our search for a German Shepherd Puppy we considered many options but after connecting with Sarah and talking to her about what we were looking for, we knew we had found the right match. We were looking for temperament and a certain look, Sarah knew exactly which pup to choose for us and even shared what his personality would be like. She was so accurate in letting us know what to expect and what his personality would be like it was incredible. Looks, Temperament, Intelligence and Affection, our Ranger is everything we could have hoped for!

Nathan Lee - Oshawa, Ontario

Calli & Blaze

         Calli (longcoated)- Faith Von Lousar X On Aus Famke's Zauberwald

Blaze - Chaniel Quanti Vom Raumberg X Jonah Gisko Von Donna Garten Son


Sarah-Lynn has been an excellent advisor and breeder to deal with as we made our decisions to add German Shepherds to our home. Four years ago she accomodated our every need when we decided to bring Blaze into our family and ensured we had the perfect dog for our life style and home life. We had such a good experience with her, that we didn't hesitate just last fall when we wanted to add another GSD to our family. Calli has been all that we could ask for in a pet and she and Blaze have become best buds.

Jerry & Maureen Peach - St. Johns NL

Faith Von lousar

Haitie X Figo Von Arminius 2000


Sarah is an amazing breeder. All of her dogs are amazing. I’ve got 2 Von Lousar Girls. They are so beautiful with amazing temperaments and well behaved. My new found love of German shepherds is all thanks to Sarah at Von Lousar Shepherds. I met Sarah 3 years ago when I was looking for my first shepherd with her guidance and help I ended up with exactly the right fit for me! Sarah really cares about her dogs and how they fit into their families. Thank you Von Lousar for my beautiful girls!! 

Joanne Beauvais, Ontario


Extra Feetback X Figo Von Arminius 2000


The best breeder ever! We are so happy with our german shepherd! Sarah goes over and beyond her regular breeder duties! Shes always There Then u need Her!!!

Dorotka Sitnik - Stouffville , Ontario

Kai & reya

Kai- Gala Von Donna Garten X Brutus Von Fanino

Reya- Nitra Von Funken Spiel X Jaci's Style Charlie


Between my brother’s family and mine, we currently have 4 Von Lousar German Shepherds. Each of them is fabulous in their own unique way and all are credits to the breed. The Von Lousar health guarantee is genuine and compassionate. Sarah-Lynn is everything you can hope for from a breeder, offering outstanding support before, during and after the transfer to the puppy’s new home. After some of the experiences we had with other breeders, we are so grateful to have found her.

Joanne Symonds - St Johns, NL

Reya Von Lousar(Pink Girl Longcoat).jpg

chaniel aka quanti vom raumberg

jonah aka gisko von donna garten

cassie aka queen of the castle von lousar


Expect only the best from Von Lousar! If I could give more stars I would. Very honest breeder, loves her dogs and expects you to love yours too. Beautiful and healthy dogs! True to breed standards. Sarah-Lynn makes sure you are matched up with a dog that suits you and your lifestyle. I can't say enough good things about Von Lousar! I would not get a dog anywhere else!

Sarah & Sako Makarians - Richmond Hill, Ontario

Tucker &toby

Tucker - Faith Von Lousar X Jonah Gisko Von Donna Garten

Toby- Dora X Willie


My experience with Von Lousar Shepherds was nothing short of amazing. I had two separate experiences and both were wonderful. With no previous experience with German Shepherds , Sarah-Lynn helped me get a puppy that had a temperament that matched my lifestyle and experience. She was incredibly patient and answered every single question I had. She made the whole process so informative and easy with constant updates. When it was time to get my second puppy, she was just as helpful and my new puppy fit in amazing. Both Toby and Tucker are beautiful, calm and amazing. I couldn't be happier with my puppies and my experience." 

-Leila Jakubinek - Ottawa, Ontario


Kriss Kiss Von Georga X Figo Von Arminius 2000


Seven years ago after a lot of research we purchased our german shepherd Baxter from Sara at Von Lousar. Baxter is an amazing dog, he is almost attached to my husband as he absolutely adores him. Baxter loves the water, going for rides, his teddy and his blanket. He is a great dog and we love him.

Debbie Jackson - Sechelt, B.C.


Sindi Good Team Loznica X Equilibrium Vom Fanino


Best breeder I know! A true dog whisperer I am so fortunate to find Sarah. She truly goes the extra mile for her clients and her dogs!

Wendy Kennedy - Thessalon, Ontario

Onyx aka titus von lousar

Chaniel Quanti Vom Raumberg X Jonah Gisko Von Donna Garten


Sarah-Lynn is a passionate breeder. Her dogs are loved and she really cares who they are with and how they are doing. I have a Jonah and Chaniel pup from 2015 breeding. This boy is the love of my life. Not only is he gorgeous but smart and powerful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible boy ❤️ Titus Von Lousar RN, ADT

Joanne & Wayne Hoskins

            Ottawa, Ontario


Nitra Von Funken Spiel X Jaci's Style Charly


I have purchased 3 dogs from this breeder and I will continue, very caring and great dogs

Angela Mead 

Sudbury, Ontario


Euria Von Panoniansee X Jonah Gisko Von Donna Garten


Hi Sarah Lynn, 


So Rudy turned 4 in Tuesday and I just wanted to let you know that he is and always has been the dog of our dreams. I was just reading Euria’s profile on your website..... happy go lucky and fits in wherever they go. That is him 100%. Spends his days being walked and spoiled by my parents who are retired and I go get him at least 3-4 times a week for walks and other adventures. He camps, he hikes he goes to cabins. He gets groomed on a regular basis and he is without a doubt our best friend! Thank you so much for a truly superb dog. You excel at what you do!

Susan Conway - St. Johns, NB



I would like to share this photo of Remi & our 10 year old son Chase. 


A few years ago, Chase was diagnosed with Autism.  When we spoke with Sarah and shared our story, she worked very closely with our family to find just the right fit focussing on Chase’s needs. 


Sarah found the perfect fit with Remi.  She is so smart, sweet and gentle temperament.  She has naturally, discovered the best way to interact with Chase.  She is now 8 months old and we have just started to allow interaction and already, they have bonded.  Trust me when I say that we could only hope that Chase would eventually be ok in the same room as Remi let alone, pet and sit with her on the floor.

As you can see, they are a match made in heaven. 



Our hearts are full.  Remi has easily fit in with her human pack.


We would like to thank Sarah for all her time and devotion with this match making.  Remi has stollen our hearts and is now stealing our son’s. 


Thank you so much for caring Sarah and also for all you have done and continue to do for us.  Your support and kindness will never be forgotten.  

The Gravelles.




luna cherry x isko.jpg

Hi Sarah-Lynn,

Just a note to let you know what a great dog Luna is growing into.  She gets compliments everywhere we take her and we couldn't be happier with her.  A common statement from people that get to know her, myself included is that Luna loves life.  I think that really sums up her personality, as another statement used repeatedly is that she has happy feet.  

Simply watching her run can put a smile on your face as you can see how much she enjoys it.

Anyway, thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.





Hi Sarah, hope all is well with you and your family.  Rudy is doing so excellent!  He is such a great boy!  He is such a huge and important part of our family.  He loves being at our Lake House, has started to slowly start swimming in our Lake, was very nervous and hesitant at first but getting much better.  Loves boat and side by side rides, he is such a gentle boy!  He watched Mike feed our chipmunk friend sitting only two feet away, and we have lots of rabbits around our property and he has actually sat and watched them from only a couple feet away.  He loves and is totally fascinated with little kids, so gentle and loves playing and watching them.  He’s very protective of our family.  He is excellent around other dogs, our first of our four Shepherds to be so good. His sense of smell and tracking is incredible and he is such a creature of habit! 
He’s getting really big and more handsome by the moment.  We love him so much, can’t imagine life without him.




Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 12.50.12 PM.png

Hi Sarah!!


Wow I can't believe I picked Rudy up over a year ago now... That year went SO fast. I just wanted to give you an update on him and ask you a question about neutering. 


I really couldn't have asked for a better dog. Everything you said about how his temperament was so true. He's extremely gentle, Elton is a tiny dog and my entire family only has small dogs and he's sooooo careful and gentle with them. He plays with Elton so nicely ❤ Whenever he wants Elton to play with him he goes over to the toy box, picks up one of Elton's toys and pushes it into him 😂 He's so funny, when I'm working he'll stand there and bring me every single one of his toys and starts pushing them into your side hahaha. He's so smart too, I can say "go get me your ball" and he instantly brings me his ball. If you say "your OTHER ball" he drops it and goes and finds a different one 😂😂 


He's such a typical Shepherd, he'll follow me from room to room to room. Doesn't matter if it's only from the living room to kitchen, he gets up and follows and lays right under you 😂 


He also loves my dad SO much. Whenever he comes over Rudy sticks to my dad like velcro. I'll attach a few pictures of them together, it's so sweet.

Again Sarah, thank you for such an amazing dog :) He's blended into the family perfectly and I couldn't even picture a more perfect dog. I'll attach some pictures below 😃 


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