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Our Breeding Goals

We want to announce two TOP breedings done in Europe.  We have bred two of our gorgeous girls to World Champions : V18 IGP3 KKL ACHILLEUS VOM KAPELLENBERG & VA5 IPO3 KKL HENKO HOLTKAMPER HOF. 

Super thrilled for both of these breedings. You can't get better than this. :-) 


We are a breeder and importer of German Shepherds and secondly Caucasian Ovcharka (Shepherd) in Matheson, Ontario Canada. It's a tiny place in Northern Ontario. Our MAIN focus is breeding the German Shepherd that is the perfect for family homes; Home's that have small children when left with their Shepherd they can trust fully.  A dog that isn't over the top but still has some drive. A dog that can keep up to average family lifestyle but when in the home is calm, content and most importantly a family GUARDIAN. 

All of our German Shepherd breeding stock come out of German Showline and have been Imported from Europe. 

I am extremely picky with the lines that I decide to add to my breeding program and all dogs/puppies were selected very carefully. We only believe in breeding the best. If we keep a dog from puppy and it ends up not turning out in temperament, looks or health; We will not compromise and keep it for any reason.

There are many different types of German Shepherds. I appreciate all types when they've been bred properly, as you can get garbage from any lines. We have chosen to be sold out to the European lines as we find them the most beautiful, healthy and stable in temperament for family homes. 

Our dogs and puppies are raised in my home... not in a kennel. This is so I can better socialize them and get to know each individual and what personalities are like from the day they are born. My dogs/puppies are like my kids and only treated with the best care... spoiled rotten! :) In return we expect you to love your puppy as we do. To treat your puppy as your best friend and family member and to return to them the never ending loyalty and unconditional love which they give.

Color & Coat Variations

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG: ( For Caucasian Ovcharka please check out our litter/import page) 

We produce Black and Red traditional saddle backs.


Although our adults are short coated, our lines still produce long coats. 

Our dogs our everything a true German Shepherd should be; natural watch dogs and very social. 

Once you owned a German Shepherd from our kennel you'll never want any other!!!!

Our Goal is to produce the total package... Whether it's for Family companions, Sport or personal protection. We have it all! 

Our pride and passion to produce stable dogs with beauty!



Shimmer Dock Close Up
Shimmer Dock
Nitra Sit
Nitra Von Funken Spiel, Mother to our go
Zorro La Mirage
Nitra & Baby
xara aus Famke's Zauberwald
Kirbi Feetback
Kaleef's Dazzling Halo at 8 months
Brutus Vom Fanino
Nitra Head
Halo at 6 months
IPO1 Euria Von Panoniansee
Tikka Von Lousar
Zorro La Mirage
Life at Von Lousar's
Gala Von Donna Garten
Figo Von Arminius 2000
SG3 BSZS 2014 Zorro vom La'Mirage
Extra Feetback
Euria Von Panoniansee
Tishrei Yom Kippur Von Lousar
CH Kirbi Feetback
Kaleef's Dazzling Halo V Lousar
Brutus Vom Fanino
Abba Von Alstrax
Life at Von Lousar's
CH Kirbi Feetback
Blaze Von Lousar
VA3 SCHH3 Paer vom Hasenborn
Brutus Vom Fanino
VA6 SCHH3 Yuri Vom Osterberger-Land
Abba Von Alstrax
Gala Von Donna Garten
Brutus Vom Fanino
VA1 SCHH 3 Yuri Vom Osterberger-Land
Figo Von Arminius 2000

Why Choose Von Lousar?


When we sell dog's, we really care on making things work. We always put in 100% to make everything go as smooth as possible during and after the purcahse of one of our puppies. 

Health Clerances

All of our dogs have been tested for Hips, Elbows and DM (Degenerative myelopathy).

Shimmer & Hadassah.jpg


For whatever reason you want a puppy, we will ensure to match you up with the right puppy suited for your lifestyle. Whether it's for Family, Protection, Sport or Show we ensure that we will get you exactly what you need.