Located in Matheson, Ontario ( Timmins, Ontario ) Canada

Updated last: Nov 12th, 2019
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Beauty Queen

Bred by Von Lousar Shepherds

   100% European Bloodlines

Cassie is one of our females that was bred by us out of our female Faith Von Lousar. Faith has been a HUGE part of our breeding program including her sire. Cassie is very special being grandaughter of our stud, Figo Von Arminius 2000 and Great Grandpa Joker Vom Eichenplatz. She has a super nice pedigree. 


With her beautiful head and size she makes heads turn. She's one very pretty girl.

Cassie has alot of character ! She's a female that loves to sit up on the couch, lean up against her humans and watch TV. 

Cassie has a very playful attitude. Loves to play with her humans and her other dog siblings. :-) 

Give her a challenge to do and she will figure it out. Cassie has not only good looks but BRAINS. She's very intelligent, alert and willing to protect if anything comes in harms way of her family. Exactly what a Shepherd should be like! We love her ! 

She's pictured above at 10 months old.