Located in Matheson, Ontario ( Timmins, Ontario ) Canada

Updated last: Nov 12th, 2019
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Faith Von Lousar

Our sweetheart 

Bred by Von Lousar

100% European Lines

Faith is our REALLY special girl that is sired out of one of our best retired stud dogs, Figo Von Arminius 2000 and our SWEET retired female Raja Von Greverner Villa AKA Haitie.
She definitely holds a special place in our hearts and captures many other's with her sweetness.  

With her soft expression, dreamy eyes, beautiful temperament she's a dog you will fall in love with.

We were blessed with Faith since she was the only girl out of Haitie's litter and has turned out so lovely. Faith's mother, Haitie was spayed at the early age of 3 since her first litter.  Her litter was just too hard on her. We felt it was best to do so and her in a loving home with friends.

Faith has many great qualities and very true to what the German Shepherd should be! CONFIDENT & STABLE. 


She's extremely agile and can run like the wind for hours. When it comes to endurance she can out run and beat out any pack member. When I say this don't get me wrong she's very balanced in her drives and definitely knows how to be a couch potato!

When you need a relaxing buddy, Faith is one that will snuggle up to you to have some loving.

Faith is always up for any task you give her and very willing to do it. She is far from being stubborn and is a big people pleaser! She is also a BIG water dog. You think that she would have been part retriever!!! She can sure put some to shame!

Faith's pedigree consists of ONLY German bloodlines including these well known Wold Champion dogs:

VA1 Remo Vom Fichtenschlag, VA1 Larus Von Batu, V Joker Eichenplatz, VA3 Yukon VD Bastillie. 

Meet The Parents:

Sire: Figo Von Arminius 2000

Dam: Raja Von Grevener AKA Haitie