Located in Matheson, Ontario ( Timmins, Ontario ) Canada

Updated last: Nov 12th, 2019
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IPO1  Euria V Panoniansee

Croatian Import

Beautiful and Sweet Euria

Euria has to be one of the sweetest females ever. She's very outgoing, happy go lucky, and loves everyone especially children. Euria doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She's so easy to handle. Euria makes a fantastic family dog. She's very laid back in the house but still has energy when you take her out. Her qualities makes her so easy to love..... She's one of those dogs that never does anything wrong and she always fits in wherever she goes. A easy keeper we call them. 

Euria is a larger female with tons of bone with a square/blocky head that resembles a male. She has a very soft expression and a very black muzzle. She has more of a stocky / square type body but still has elegance when she moves.

Euria also produces puppies with tons of substance, very sweet personalities, and size. We love what this dog produces! Easy puppies for those who don't want that hard to handle Shepherd.


She also has a beautiful pedigree consisting of world champions - VA2 Arex von der Wilhelmswarte, VA Vegas du Haut Mansard. 

Meet TheParents

Sire: VA2 Arex  der Wilhelmswarte

Dam: Yolly von Panoniansee