Located in Matheson, Ontario ( Timmins, Ontario ) Canada

Updated last: Nov 12th, 2019
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Micah Von Lousar

Our faithful Guardian

Bred by Von Lousar Shepherds

       100% European Lines

Micah is one of our female's that was bred by our kennel. She's VERY special to us as she is out of my very first dog that was imported from Germany named Bria Von Rada's Diek AKA Hayden. I had imported Hayden hoping to have that GSD in my mind perfect. (Perfect as : Natural protector, confidence, balanced in drives, and outgoing temperament) Yes, Hayden had it all... She was that perfect GSD to restart my breeding program with. 

Micah is out of Hayden's last breeding before we decided to retire her. We're thrilled as Micah is following in her footsteps. Micah in every way is taking after her mother's qualities. She's extremely smart, agile and on the ball. She's very true to the German Shepherd temperament and so so clear headed. Knowing the difference when to protect and when not to... Micah can sure put on a show! People won't dare come near when she is in protection mode but she does have the most sweetest disposition. Put her around kids and crowds of people and she becomes a MAJOR social butterfly, just like her mother. She could sure fool people. 

Micah is all about fun...... If there is any fun going on she definitely has to be right there up front getting in on all of it. She's a joy to have and such a sound personality.

We adore this girl !!!


Micah pedigree consist of many gorgeous world Champions:

VA1 Remo Vom Richtenschlag, VA1 Larus Von Batu and VA6 Nando Vom Gollerweiher.

Meet The Parents:

Dam: Bria Von Rada's Diek

Sire: Figo Von Arminius 2000